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Niebieska odznaka może  robić  życie łatwiejsze dla ciebie lub kogoś, na kim się opiekujesz.  Dowiedz się teraz, czy możesz złożyć wniosek.

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Learn more about Mobilise’s impact with our partners across different regions

Mobilise is a movement with a mission: To make sure nobody has to figure out our a caring role alone. So that together as people, we can care and thrive. 

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We work closely with our partners to complement their strategies and ensure we’re reaching people who may have never considered traditional carer support.


We also have teams who work side-by-side with carers daily to have a deeper understanding of their needs. Helping us co-create innovative, carer-led solutions.

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In 2021, our Lessons from Lockdown report showed that:

"92% of the adult population own a smartphone and 60% of carers are already using everyday online tools."

The case for online carer support has never been stronger. If you would like to get in touch with us and learn more about the work we do, simply send us an enquiry. 

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